Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The truth of being 10 weeks pregnant

I know I’m only in my 2nd day of week 10 but I’m noticing, and feeling, a massive shift already. Things are definitely changing. As a result, I’m “feeling pregnant” for the first time.
So, what’s changed? For those of you who are a few weeks behind me, I’ll break it all down for you so you know what you have to look forward to.

Nausea – It’s back with vengeance.  My nausea had dropped off significantly from week 7 but nope, it has reared its ugly head and it’s uglier than before. I count myself lucky that I’ve only had 2 or 3 really bad bouts of nausea and this isn’t that bad. But, the problem with this nausea is it’s constant. Previously, it came and went when I ate and really seemed to strike mid morning and afternoon. Now, it’s pretty much all day. I was expecting it would have started to taper off but perhaps it’s ramping up as my HCG levels rise to hit their ultimate peak. I don’t know but it’s punching me in the guts!

Boobs – Again, the pain in my boobs had dropped off from week 7 but it’s back now too. I’m getting the glorious mix of stabbing pains and aches I got previously. But now, my bra is starting to poke into me so looks like it’s time to buy new ones. I was trying to wait until I got to 12 weeks but given I had to start using my bra extenders last week, I knew it would be a tough ask. Perhaps trying to squeeze my boobs into a bra that’s too small is causing the pain so I need to sort that one out.

Cramps – These have seemed to reduced this week. I get the odd one here and there but nothing like I’ve had for the last week or two. Maybe things are settling down in there, but I hazard a guess it’s more likely to be the calm before the storm. I know another big growth spurt is coming my way so I expect them to return.

Crying – I now pretty much cry at anything. Mostly tv. Last night I sobbed at the end of a movie about a dog. The dog did die, so that was sad, but it didn’t warrant the sobbing that came with it. Luckily it only lasts a few minutes before it goes but it is starting to get a bit embarrassed.

Mood swings - So far though, I haven’t suffered any major mood swings but I know they’re on the horizon. I note I’m getting more irritable and have had to bite my lip a few times. I know I’m a pressure cooker that will soon blow. I’ll blame that on the rising HCG levels too! I must warn my husband.

Teeth – They’ve been killing me for 2 weeks now but seem to have calmed down. I’m glad because that’s been the most painful part of it so far. Mind you, insisting on eating ice-cream with sore teeth probably hasn’t helped so I’m glad I finished the tub off last night!

Brain – The biggest and most significant change this week has been in my brain. On the weekend, I came across a statement that said “It’s just as realistic to be positive as negative.” Those few little words suddenly sparked a massive mind shift for me. Instead of focussing on all the negative things that could go wrong, I can focus on the positive things that can happen. As a result, I’m not worried about tomorrow’s appointment with the obstetrician. I don’t feel anxious about the scan. I’m not nervous that Sticky won’t be there. 

For the first time, I feel calm and at peace this pregnancy will go well and end well. I feel a total calm that I haven’t felt before. Part of me feels scared by that calmness but the majority of me is happy. I feel I can now get on with the rest of this pregnancy feeling peaceful about whatever happens. It sure beats being a nervous and psychotic wreck! 


  1. Thanks for this post. :) My teeth started feeling weird last night and I decided to look back on your journey. Sounds like your teeth hurt earlier and stopped hurting around now. It's so true how every pregnancy is different. My nausea has been around more lately. It's still tolerable but beginning to slowly effect my mornings at least. Lack of sleep is also very common right now. Fun fun fun

  2. Yep, 10 weeks is when mine all ramped up too. So many fabulous things to look forward to!



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