Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Week 14 - The boobs take over

I apologise for my tardiness in blogging the past few days. Life has been crazy to say the least! So here we are at Week 14. Normally, I provide an update on what’s happening with Sticky but it’s clear Sticky is doing fine. This week, it’s all about me!

Actually, this week it’s all about my boobs. They now have a life of their own. On Saturday at the chiropractor, I tried to lay down on my stomach. This is no longer possible. I had to use the “boob pillow” which creates a cradle to support them. It was not at all comfortable but I sucked it up.

Because they are now so sore, and sensitive, I can no longer sleep on my side. This is a problem given you’re not meant to sleep on your back in pregnancy, but for now, my back is the only option. The sensitivity also means I can no longer receive hugs. A friend hugged me yesterday and the pain of my boobs being squashed was like being stabbed in the chest. I am now officially a hug free zone!

Boobs aside, my major achievement for this week came yesterday when I told my work colleagues and some close friends. It felt good to get it out in the open and the majority of people were genuinely happy for me. One friend just said “Oh, that’s so exciting for you,” and then sent me a long rambling email all about her. I didn’t expect anything different. It was nice that her partner was very excited for me when I ran into him though.

While I was excited to share my pregnancy, I was sad at the same time. I wish I could have said I was having twins but I couldn’t. So all the joy and excitement did make me miss Baby B and I felt sad she couldn’t be a part of it. But, I know she’s part of Sticky, and always will be, and I’ll tell Sticky how lucky she is to have a guardian sister and brother always looking over her.

Sticky seems to be thriving. As if the boob pain wasn’t enough, my lovely friend nausea came back with avengeance today. It hit me the minute I left the house and didn’t let go until 10am. I did feel happy that at least it meant Sticky was in there doing well which was a relief given the dive in my symptoms over the past 2 weeks.

I’m back to the obstetrician this week so I’m hoping I’ll at least get to hear Sticky’s heartbeat with a doppler. I don’t need to see another scan, but the little thump, thump, thump of her heart will keep me going until the next appointment in 4 weeks time. This visit marks my last in the regular two week check ups so from now until November we’re moving into 4 weeks. That seems a long time between heartbeats but I’m psyching myself for up it!

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