Friday, 8 March 2013

Goodbye ovarian cyst - not nice knowing you!

So it turns out my ovarian cyst was not actually a cyst. That’s good news, but I’m a little miffed that the doctor could have saved me the worry I’ve had over the past few weeks by just telling me when to get the test done! Overall, it’s not really a big deal, but I’d like to think that anything that can impact on my fragile emotions could be heeded off if possible.

My cyst was nothing more than just a corpus luteum. This forms every month after ovulation when the egg has been released from the follicle. If pregnancy hasn’t occurred, it normally just disappears and breaks down. Occasionally it can fill with blood or fluid and this is when it becomes a cyst.

I had my ultra-sound done on day 16 of my cycle. This is the day I ovulated so when they did the scan, the corpus luteum was 2.2cm wide because the egg had just been released. I then had the follow up scan on day 7 of my next cycle, and there was no corpus luteum to be seen – because it was still in the early stages of forming for the next ovulation cycle.

My fertility specialist was right – it was just part of the ovulation process and it went away by itself. That’s great and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about. But I wish my GP had said to me – “I’m sending you for an ovarian scan but don’t get it done in the middle of your cycle, get it done at the start.” I then would have gone this week, got the scan, it would have shown nothing and I would have saved myself all the emotional suffering and anguish it caused. Not to mention the $162 it cost me to have it done again! Anyway, no point complaining about small things but there’s a lesson to everyone – get ovarian scans done about day 6 or 7 of your cycle!

Now I can put that behind me, I can start focussing on next week which will herald the start of my daily blood tests. Come Monday, I’ll be jabbed once a day, every day, until my progesterone levels tell us I’m ovulating. Then it’s a quick prayer to the clomid gods and getting straight on the job! I’m not looking forward to all the jabs but I’ll suck it up. I told my husband he needs to come with me, and we need to do something nice after each jab, so I think we’ll treat ourselves to a coffee!

I’m staying focussed on the positive and working hard to keep the negative at bay. It's a challenge when another girl at work has just announced she's pregnant - taking the total to 4! It's hard enough to see pregnant women on the street let alone have to dodge 4 of them at work. I can't do anything about that but let these women be on their path, share their joy with them, and hope I'll be back on that journey soon. My main goal is to make sure I’m in a good, relaxed and calm state to conceive. Fingers crossed! 

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  1. That's great news! Will be thinking of you next week.



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