Friday, 1 March 2013

The power of positive thinking

During yesterday's boo hoo moment, I realised one of my ongoing issues is somehow convincing myself I’m too old to have children. I don’t know where that’s come from but it just seems to be a recurrent voice in my head. It’s stupid really as I know several people who have had healthy babies older than me! So perhaps it was fate stepping in that bought me to the website It's clearly time to start engaging in some positive thinking! 

This is a great website that doesn’t just prove you can have babies and lead fabulous lives at 40, it also shows you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I came across an article called Top 10 over achieving older moms. The top 10 are some pretty impressive women:

1.    Jaci Dalenberg - Oldest woman to give birth to her grandchildren at age 56
2.    Dawn Brooke - Oldest Mother to conceive naturally at age 59
3.    The Queen Mother - Britain’s Oldest Queen Consort at age 101
4.    Wilma Connor - World’s oldest female body builder at age 77
5.    Edith and Evelyn - the oldest living female twins at age 102
6.    Estrid Geertsen - oldest female tandem parachute jumper at age 100
7.    Gladys Burrill - oldest woman to complete a marathon at age 92
8.    Daphne Selfe - oldest female fashion model at age 83
9.    Suzanne Pinto - oldest woman to row across any ocean at age 57
10.  Carmen Bousada de Lara - oldest woman to give birth to twins at age 66.

Clearly I have no intention of giving birth at 59, let alone 66. And I don’t think I’ll be giving birth to my own grandchildren! But it reminds me that we all have enormous ability within us if we just let it out. The challenge is to stand back and allow it to happen, rather than forcing it to happen.

Hundreds of studies have proven the benefits of positive thoughts, and the impact of negative thoughts. It comes as no surprise to me that study after study shows the links between negative thoughts and reduced fertility. It’s like we have the power to think ourselves infertile. This voice in my head is telling me that I can’t fall pregnant and maybe my body is believing that. However, the truth is I got pregnant and got pregnant easily. Why aren’t I telling myself that? Now that I’m having to write that line 70 times a day for 7 days, maybe I’ll start believing it. I hope so – I’d like to use my brain power for good and not evil!

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